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Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, Faithful in Prayer." Romans 12:12

College Cover Letter

Link Cover Letter

Gun Laws in Texas

Texas Gun Laws-26heki7

Presidential Hopefuls Stance’s on Gun Control


Linear Art Design Phineas

This is my linear art design called “Phineas and Colors”.   I plotted all of my points and after I was done, I noticed that it shaped out to look like the nickelodeon character. I hope you like it.


The Difference Between W.E.D

Weathering is when wind water and ice get broken down while moving across the Earth. The pic above is an example of weathering

Process of moving broken down material/weathered material from one place to another. The picture above is showing broken down material from the top of the pyramid thing down to the bottom.

Image result for deposition

When eroded material is laid down and settles, as water slows. In this picture it shows how rocks have been eroded are now laid down and settles into more rocks like a wall.








One Special Day

‘Congragulations’ the Doctors said! September 24, a new baby was born at the Mount Pleasant Hospital.

We waited for about fourty-five minutes anxious to see Michael Allen for the first time! I was playing with my little cousin Gracie to keep her entertained for what seemed like forever! Soon after we sat down to get a snack, two Doctors came in and told us that they were both doing great. They let my sisters and I go back to hold our little cowboy! I gently picked him up and held him close. I could see his pale blonde hair peaking from underneath his hat, and his ocean blue eyes looking up at me! Each and everyone got to see or hold Michael.

When we were all through visiting we hugged and left the hospital as we treasured that special moment. Everyone was excited about seeing the seven lbs and ten oz baby, the first boy in 15 years!

This exciting journey made me realize and fully understand that good things come to the ones who wait.

7th Amendment


Spring Poem

Spring Poem

Thomas Jefferson

He was born and grew up in Williamsburg.

Thomas Jefferson was a Lawyer before president.

Attended college at William and Marry.

Became president-1801.

Thomas Jefferson.

President in 1801.

He was the 3rd president.

Died- Thomas Jefferson died July 4 sadly

His birthday is the same day as Independence Day.

Woodrow Wilson

He was born and grew up in Augusta Maine.

Before president he was New Jerseys governor.

He attended school-Davidson College.

Became president 1912.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

President in 1912.

He was the 28th president.

Thomas Woodrow died February 3rd in Washington.

There is a school named Woodrow Wilson in Dallas.

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